Life This Winter

I have slacked terribly lately at sharing any recent photos from the holidays, so today I have put together a quick recap from the many, many photos that I do have.

Time sure does fly by quickly and seeing this little girl grow up and become even cuter, spunkier, sassier and smarter does my heart good. Boy I can't wait to add her little sister into the mix.

In the age of the iphone it's way too common to use our phones for most of our photos without ever really using and developing beautiful shots from real cameras. I hate that my camera cards are piling up with no photo books or photo albums to go along with that. Looks like I have some work to do and some money to spend to start developing this little girl's life so far.

It's so worth sharing and looking at for year's to come.

The days are just too short and I don't ever want to forget them.