10 Ways Your Second Pregnancy is Different

1. There are no sick days from motherhood. You may have used up all of your sick days with baby number one, but as a mother (especially a SAHM), you can't just call in sick to your kids.

Hey kid, I need off today. 

2. While hanging over the toilet letting today's breakfast out, your toddler happens to find a ponytail holder and brings it to you. Coincidentally your hair was down hanging in the way...smart, smart baby.

And yes, that is a true story. 

3. That whole theory of "nap when the baby naps" never applied to you because that's when you got your chores around the house done, but bring on pregnancy number two, and you nap every flicking second you can.

4. So speaking of napping and chores, you suddenly went from dominating the whole "wife and mother thing" to pretty much being the biggest slacker ever. Little magical fairies keep adding clothes to your dirty laundry and doing crafts and such with your toddler sounds much more difficult than cuddling with a good movie.

5. Belly pictures?

What belly pictures?

You rarely missed any with baby number one, but now you can hardly find the energy to take a picture of number two. Poor little unborn child.

6. Some days you're so busy chasing a toddler, cooking dinner, folding clothes and napping that you forget your pregnant. Then your food comes up and it's a total reminder.

7. You put so much pressure on yourself to maintain your supermom status but in the end, you go to bed most days apologizing to your toddler for being a total zombie mom.

Insert sad face. 

8. You went from eating as healthy as possible in your home to giving your little baby/belly whatever it wants. For some unexplained reason fried foods seem to cure nausea, so chances are that you and your toddler on chowing down on fried chicken.

And no, it's not organic.

9. Trying to put a baby down to sleep in a crib with a pregnant belly is a total mystery. You either drop the baby and run or smush the belly.

I don't recommend the first; although the second doesn't sound too great either. 

10. Despite being a worn out pregnant mom who doesn't get to give their undivided attention to their growing unborn baby, you still have a love for that unborn child that is unconditional and so strong. While you may not be pinning cute baby things all day anymore like you did with your first and while you may not be the cutest prego on the block (what's makeup these days?), your heart is always smiling and full, because nothing beats a mother's love...whether it's to a baby, a toddler or an unborn sweet baby. A mother's heart is full and despite being a little green with nausea, somewhere there is indeed that pregnancy glow.

Can anyone else relate? 

What was your second pregnancy like?