Easy Ways to a Safer, Greener Nursery

For many of us, having a completely non toxic, "green" baby nursery can be hard. Budgets can hinder us from having the best of the best and for some of us excited first time mamas, we just already have a dream nursery in our mind that we don't want to compromise.

Here are some easy ways you can green up your baby's nursery without spending a fortune and without changing up your Pinterest worthy nursery. These tips are also perfect for reducing the exposure to chemicals and toxins for your little one.

  • Organic Sheets, Mattress Pad and Blanket: Truthfully I wanted to say "organic bedding," but I know that many mamas find a bed set that they love and whether or not it is organic, they are likely going to register for it or purchase it. To help make things healthier, at least strive for an organic mattress pad cover that helps reduce allergens and protect the mattress from dust mites and more. These are easy to find and are available at Babies R Us. Organic sheets and an organic blankie for swaddling would be my "green" nursery essentials. 
  • Lead Free: This is much easier to achieve now that paint is lead free. However many mamas love finding vintage pieces for baby furniture and vintage toys. Get your vintage, garage sale and hand me down items checked for lead. 
  • VOC Free Paint: This isn't so hard to find now either. Ask about paint with low or no VOCs. VOCs are emitted after painting a new room/furniture and is part of that "new paint" smell. VOCs have been linked to some cancers and are known for causing respiratory problems and irritations. Places like Lowe's and local paint stores typically have VOC free paint. 
  • Limited Plastic: While plastic things are convenient and usually inexpensive, they are full of chemicals that off gas into the home. Strive for wooden furniture, fabric storage bins and baskets and wooden/cotton toys. The toy thing is easier said than done, but every little bit helps. 
  • Natural Skin Care Products: Your new baby will spend much of their early days getting washed, lathered up, lotioned up and more. Use natural products on them to know that you are giving them a healthy start.
  • Wooden Floors: Carpets are full of synthetic fibers that are not healthy for us to continually breathe in and they are harder to clean. Wooden floors are great at reducing chemical exposure. Just add a natural weave rug made in the USA if you want some cushion! If you are like me and you're stuck with carpet, then just make the best of it and remember, no shoes on the carpet!

If you can't make all of these changes or if your budget doesn't allow some of this, then just do the best you can. Every little bit counts and we can only do our best. You learn as you go and eventually you can slowly make the changes that you see fit for your family and your home. Make sure you also take the time to make the nursery safe and free of hazards. Anchor down furniture, cover up outlets and put up blind cords, etc... Safety first! 

What would be your recommendation to create a safer, green nursery?