Talking Long Car Rides and a Cute Bag from Stuck On You

Having personalized school items, bags, totes and more is all the craze these days. Truthfully, that is one trend that I don't see dying down anytime soon. Why


you want your stuff to be personalized and cute? It just makes it all the better!

Stuck on You

is one of my favorite online shops that includes all sorts of personalized items. Many of these items are perfect for this school year, including the adorable labels that they are known for. Stuck on You has some of the

cutest labels

I've ever seen! They are simply perfect for school items, clothes, shoes and more. In addition to labels, you can find lunch boxes, pencil bags, canvas clocks, stationary, party supplies, gift items, clothes and so much more that can be personalized to your child's liking.

So what are we sporting these days from Stuck on You? Well, we have this adorable new pencil case for Little Bug -


- ya know, we don't really use pencils yet. So I love this bag for our car! We are currently using it to store books and small car toys to help keep my car tidy. I love that this bag is canvas, which makes it extra durable. The details of the case are just so adorable and it has a beautiful silky material on the inside to match the outside of the bag. There are numerous designs to choose from for all of your items. This beautiful forest scene is just one of the many!

What do you do for car rides to keep your little one occupied? We have some soft toys attached to rings that hang from a strap on my back seat. Little Bug is still rear facing (it IS the way to go!) and the toys dangle over her feet area. We now use our Stuck on You bag to provide her with new books every now and then as well as some small, soft toys. I'm not one to put a DVD player back there. I'll save that for a 12 hour drive or something one day. Truthfully, I don't want that in my car. I survived without one and colored in coloring books, enjoyed the scenery and played with dolls. In my opinion, that's the way it should be.

What do you think about DVD players in cars? 

Make sure to check out Stuck on You for all sorts of items for this school year and for the upcoming holidays. Oh my goodness...the UPCOMING holidays (cue the happy dance). 

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