Peachy, Banana Twist Baby Food Recipe

Call this another one of my "use what you have" and score a win recipes, will ya! Once again I was down to some produce that needed to be used before it went bad and


. I scored a win with a favorite recipe that Little Bug is currently loving. 

While I was in the process of preparing the recipe, my Little Bug started eating some of the diced peach, which led to a discovery that my child LOVES peaches. So yea, she's been getting diced peaches a lot here lately. 

For this recipe I used two small apples, one banana and a peach minus the bit she had eaten. I steamed and blended for 15 minutes in my

Baby Brezza

and we instantly had a yummy, peachy smell throughout the kitchen! 

It's simply amazing what you can do with food. Now, if only I could make all of our meals as "real" as hers. We do eat healthy and pretty dang organically, but does anyone else ever feel like your kid eats so much better than you? I mean, I don't eat that much fruit at breakfast because I just do want it. I don't snack on grapes as much as her either. I snack on the cookies I bake.


, can I just have my toddler's diet?

How do you use up a ton of produce before it goes bad?

The Honest Company