If Only She Knew

If only she knew how much she has changed my life.

If only she knew how much I loved her.

How she has helped define who I am, who I want to be and more.

How she has made me a "mother."

If only she knew how she has inspired me.

If only she knew the passion she has grown in me.

The inspirations and passions to do better and to make change.

The desire to chase my dream.

If only she knew that she was the answer to many prayers.

If only she knew that she was a dream come true.

That she is my world wrapped up in one tiny body.

And if only she knew how much I met "I love you."

Being this little girl's mother is the most amazing journey I've ever been on. Being her mother is literally the best thing in this world. And she is literally the inspiration behind everything. Thanks to her, I have become who I am met to be and I know the journey in which I want to grow. Thanks to her, she is inspiring me to do great things and to chase dreams. 

But most of all, she has made me "mama." And nothing will ever beat that. 

I have something very big planned for you guys! It's taking a lot of work and it's my dream. Hopefully I can share it soon! Until then, thanks for accepting that I'm slacking on the blog posts this week. ;)

Thanks for reading! 

Happy Weekend.