Essential Oil Cleaning Spray

Cleaning is now easy thanks to a glass spray bottle, some water and my Thieves essential oil from Young Living. I've been a big fan of homemade cleaners for about a year now and previously cleaned my house with a tea tree oil essential oil cleaner that I made. I love the smell of tea tree (melaleuca oil) and it always makes the house smell great.

Now that fall is upon us (and so is cold and flu season), I've decided to redo my homemade cleaner with my Thieves essential oil. Thieves has such a holiday smell (it has cinnamon in it) that it's pretty perfect for this time of the year, not to mention just how powerful the little bad boy is. Thieves has been shown to kill staph in just twelve minutes of contact...holla. 

In a research study it was also shown that Thieves can kill up to 99.96% of airborne bacteria...can I get another holla.

Thieves is just amazing because it is such a powerful disinfectant. Not only does it help with the cold and flu (and bronchitis and much more) in the diffuser, but just by cleaning with it you can help prevent sickness from reaching your family.

Recipe: In a glass spray bottle of water, add 6-10 drops of Thieves essential oil to create an all purpose disinfectant spray that is great for kitchens, countertops and much more.

How to Store Your Cleaner

Store your homemade essential oil cleaners in glass bottles, specifically amber color. Essential oils need to be stored in glass to protect them and their properties that make them so powerful. In a nutshell, essential oils do deteriorate and oxidize over time which makes the oils lose some of their therapeutic properties. By storing them in glass bottles (preferably amber color), you can help to increase the life of the oil. Clear glass bottles are much better than plastic (and is currently what I have), just try to avoid storing it or keeping it out near sunlight. Apparently amber color is the way to go!

Other uses for this recipe?

Add more drops to tackle mold issues and as I'm currently testing out and so far seeing some results, spray on ant trails to interfere with the trail and get rid of the ants without using toxic pesticides. We woke up to a patio of ants and I'm trying to kick those suckers to the curb. But I'll let you know how it goes!!

What's your favorite homemade cleaner recipes? 

Share some things below in the comment feed. Want to join me on this oily journey? Visit the essential oil section!