Easy, Budget Friendly DIY Wreath

On a whim recently I decided that I needed a new wreath for our front door. Well, I was in a rush and on a budget so I decided to make this sucker as easy, peasy as I could. It's not fabulous and it may not even hold up in high winds,

but hey

, it's cute and it works.

I purchased all of the materials from Wal-Mart for less than $20 and actually didn't even use the initial letter that I had intended on using. All I did was wrap have the wreath with my chevron burlap ribbon and simply tuck the loose end on the back side. I created a large bow for the top that is secured there with some burlap string that runs through the inside of the bow and is unseen (this also created my loop for hanging). Finally, the two flowers are secured with twist ties that are already sewn into the flowers. I'm not a total fan of this because I feel like they are not secure enough,

but hey

, it's cute and it works!

So there you go friends, a DIY wreath that cost very little to make and didn't come out to bad. It works for me for now and only took about 15 minutes to make. Maybe one day I will really sit down and work on a good wreath. Until then...

What's your favorite DIY wreath design?

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Thanks for reading, Sasha

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