Planet Wise Bags are a Must!

If you're not a cloth diaper mama, you're probably thinking that this nifty little product isn't really for you, but actually it can be (so stay tuned)! Mamas, this has quickly become one of my favorite items for cloth diapering so far. I have been cloth diapering since September and so far three of my five wet bags/pail liners have "broken" on me. I say "broke" because for most of them it has been an issue with the zipper messing up and becoming useless. All of my bags were of various brands and types and none were even half as amazing as this bag.


I was also running into an issue with my daughter opening her diaper pail and pulling out the dirty cloth diapers (gross I know). 

In the cloth diaper world 

Planet Wise

is a pretty big name. I started to see people posting photos of their Planet Wise bags and I was quickly hooked on all of the fun prints that they offer. A quick look at their website showed me that they had a TON of prints to choose from and many, many different styles of wet bags and pail liners. 

After a look at the

Planet Wise site

, I found this product that seemed like the perfect fix for keeping my daughter away from her dirty diapers. This wet/ dry bag is simply amazing! Every other bag that I have used for a large amount of diapers has eventually leaked a little in the pail by laundry day. Well with a Planet Wise bag you will NOT have that problem, I can assure you! Our hanging bag hangs on the backside of my daughter's door on a hook and it never, ever leaks (I even spray diapers and put them soaking wet in there). I have filled this bag up with about a day and half of dirty diapers and not once has it leaked or let out an odor while zipped up. 

Why do I LOVE it?

  • It never leaks 
  • It holds about a full two days of diapers
  • It doesn't release an odor while zipped
  • It has a dry compartment
  • It hangs up and away from a toddler's reach
  • While it is not a pail liner, you can spray diapers off and then carefully place them in here (although this is trickier since the opening isn't as big as a pail liner -- we still keep the pail on hand for major messes)
  • There are many fun prints
  • It is PVC free
  • It is made in the USA

This bag can be for everyone! Think about all of those beach trips and pool trips where you bring a few dry items to change into and then have soaking wet items after a day of fun. Well, with this bag you can place your wet stuff in the large, wet compartment and then store dry items in the front, dry compartment. Planet Wise has various sizes to choose from for wet/dry bags as well as many other types of wet bags. 

From pail liners to diaper bag wet bags and reusable sandwich bags to backpacks, Planet Wise is bound to have something that you may need or want. I have a list of items that I'd love to try from Planet Wise! With so many fun prints and various sizes, there is something for everyone!

Make sure to check out

Planet Wise online







What brand is your favorite for a wet bag?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

Thanks so much to Planet Wise for sending this bag my way. 

All opinions and reviews are honest and solely my own. 

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