Life as Mom

Life as a Mom

There are one million things wrong with this picture. We can start with the awful bed hair I was having around noon (yes noon) or we can start with the stack of crap on the dinner table along with my laptop for blog work (my table is my office). Then there's that awful blue bag from vacation (we returned from the beach the day before this). There is food on the counters that you can't see in this shot (but in others) and there is a cloth diaper pail sitting in the background waiting to be cleaned along with a swiffer needing to be used. I don't have a blog perfect kitchen that looks like it belongs in a magazine no matter how hard I try, and yes I am still in my pajamas (at noon). Yep, there is a lot wrong here. 

But what is right here?

What is right here is that this is real. This is real life my friends.

This is Life as Mom.

Life as Mom is a journey that is not the same for either of us. While we all have the same desires, wants and needs, there's a good chance that we all have somewhat of a different journey. To some of us, children came easily and to the rest of us, having children was a journey within itself. For some of us, our children are of our own blood and to the rest of us, our children are of someone else's blood but are of our own hearts. 

Life as Mom means that we all wanted the best for our child from day one, but it doesn't mean that we did things the same. Some of us labored naturally and some of us tried but caved in out of sheer exhaustion. And then some of us had no choice but to hide behind a blue tent while doctors pulled our baby out themselves, depriving us of the hope of pushing. However most of us can agree that our child's birth was one of the best days of our life. Some of us conquered breastfeeding, some of us worked hard at it, others tried and others didn't bother.

Yet, we all fed with love. 

Life as Mom means that we all change the same amount of dirty diapers and whether disposable or cloth, they were all filled with either crap or teetee. Some of us wear our babies and some of us stroll our babies. And then some of us, never seem to put our babies down while others are scared of "spoiling" them. Yet each and every one of us will and does miss rocking them. 

Life as Mom means that we all have the same middle of the night cries for food, comfort and security. Some of us cherish those moments and others are ready for a good night of sleep; either way, one day we will all miss those moments. No matter if we chose to sleep train or not, we all pray for a full night of sleep but we all know we will miss those moments.

Life as Mom means that you're taking a good risk that your house will never be up to par. There will always be books, toys and blocks littering your living room. There will always be clothes that need to be washed and dinner that needs to be cooked. There will be baby food that needs to be made or baby food that needs to be bought, but either way, we all have to feed baby.

Life as Mom means that now our bodies show the markings of motherhood. Our hips are wider, our breasts are shaped differently and stretch marks may cover us all over (while other lucky dogs still look like models). Our eyes will have bags, our diets will consist of sugar overloads (while baby gets the best of course) and our hair will never see the day outside of a ponytail.

That is Life as Mom. 

Our lives are forever changed in this role as mother. Our homes are forever filled with the markings of children and eventually grandchildren. Our bodies are forever a sign of the life that we brought into this world and nourished. Our hearts are forever changed and our love is forever overflowing.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can compare to this Life as Mom. 

So, in actuality, there is nothing wrong with this picture. I'm glad my husband took this along with a few others; even though I kept asking what the hell he was doing. His words were, "you're always the one taking pictures, so now you can be in some." And I'm glad he did take this, because this is Life as Mom. And I wouldn't want it any other way. 

I look forward to hearing your comments about how motherhood has changed you or about your Life as Mom. 

Thanks so much for reading, Sasha

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Life as Mom