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 are some products from their baby care line. Mommy's Club is a great new place to order natural, non toxic products, cosmetics, vitamins and more. This is one of those great places where being a member really saves you a great deal of money but you don't have to be a member to purchase from them. I LOVE that. I often find too many companies make purchasing a product on a non member status too much of a hassle. 

Let's take a look at these amazing products:

Baby Lotion:

By far this has one of the best scents in a natural baby lotion that I have come across in all of my product sampling. The calming lavender just adds that perfect touch that makes it so sweet for baby. Actually in a way it reminds me of the beloved Johnson and Johnson's scent but thankfully, it is not as tainted as that. It's smooth, simple and non toxic and is made of many, many organic ingredients. 

Baby Foaming Wash:

I love foaming washes because I am a huge lover of suds. I guess I always think that the more suds they have, the more effective it will be. The great thing about this is that it can actually be used without rinsing. Talk about convenient right? How many times have you needed to clean up baby quickly but can't take the whole thirty minutes you need for a real bath? This is an amazing idea and of course the product is 100% toxic free. 

Baby Shampoo:

This has the same scent as the baby lotion and I love it. Truthfully, having a separate shampoo for my baby is just a bit much; I'd rather just use the wash all over. However this shampoo can be great for babies and toddlers with longer hair that may need more attention than just a little soap. This was a great shampoo since it did not leave the hair oily (a wash I previously sampled does that) and it is of course toxic free and just like the lotion, it is made up of many organic ingredients. 

Overall these are great products, but most of all this is a great company that you should give a try. They have so much to look at and in just the few shorts months that I've worked with them, they have expanded their product line tremendously. Make sure to

check them out

for non toxic, healthy products for your family and home! 

Are you a member to any skin care/home care company?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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