The Great Cloth Diaper Change

On April 26 we participated in The Great Cloth Diaper Change and it was a wonderful event! I have many more photos but I figured I'd just share a recap of ours without sharing a bunch of other people who may not want to be on TMM (ya know because it's their kiddos and all). I attended with a few friends and our little ones and despite it being a hot day it turned out to be pretty neat!

It's amazing to see so many mamas coming together who have similar interests. It was fun to see babies running around in fluff and it was nice for me to breastfeed and not really have to "worry" about others being annoyed since I'm sure I wasn't the only lactating mother out there. I really enjoyed my day with my friends and our babies. If you have a GCDC location near you next year, I highly recommend participating or making the drive to the closest one. 

In our location 63 mamas changed their babies and so far, the numbers are coming in and

The Great Cloth Diaper Change

of 2014 has so far,

"unofficially" broken the record for 2013

. It's amazing to know that thousands and thousands of women from all over the world are doing their part to help our environment by using cloth. Cloth is just so much fun and I can't express that enough.

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Happy Friday Y'all. I have a first birthday party for Little Bug and my husband is home after being away for three weeks for I'll see you guys Monday!

Much love and thanks for reading!

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