Gorgeous Jewelry Delivered to Your Door!

Here is a subscription box service that I'm pretty sure every woman out there can appreciate. So often we subscribe to boxes for our baby or for our health conscious diet, but rarely do we ever really indulge in items for our own pleasure. 

Today I am introducing a wonderful jewelry membership to you,

Cate and Chloe

. With Cate and Chloe you can receive $200 worth of jewelry for only $39.99 a month. Each month you'll have two pieces delivered to your doorstep for that low fee. Amazing right?

Uh, yes!

I was so in love with my package when it arrived. There were so many small details that I felt made the package an exceptional one. From the boxing to the ribbons and the gold medallion sticker, the details were beautiful. When I opened my box (I could hardly wait), I found gorgeous black and white dotted tissue paper covering an adorable little gold box. To my surprise, it was this gorgeous pair of earrings! I am in LOVE. 

I love the surprise factor that comes along with subscription boxes and especially with one like this. Sure some women have a particular taste in jewelry, but for me I love most all jewelry so anything would likely float my boat. The good news though?

You are able to exchange any item that you don't love! 

In addition to receiving two gorgeous pieces each month, you are able to receive discounts on jewelry at Cate and Chloe (20%) and you have the chance to frequently participate in giveaways. Cate and Chloe members receive an item each month that is actually not even released yet online, meaning that you get first dibs! This is a membership made for you Mama. Sometimes we don't have time to get dressed up and curl our hair, but sometimes just adding a pair of nice earrings or a trendy necklace is enough to spruce us up. 

Mamas deserve to treat themselves and get a little something for themselves each month. Let's face it, all of our money goes to our kids usually! Treat yourself Mama and don't forget to feel beautiful. Having kids doesn't always mean that we must smell like spit up and wear clothes that are totally outdated, sometimes we have to remember to take care of ourselves too. 

Make sure to check out Cate and Chloe and consider pampering yourself!

Better yet, tell hubby a subscription would make a great Mother's Day gift!

Check them out






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What is your favorite piece of jewelry to wear?

Mine is my wedding set and a promise ring...

Thanks for reading, Sasha

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and while I was sent this to review, 

all opinions are honest and solely my own. 

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