Spring In Our Home

The air is crisp and the birds are singing, 

Let's step outside and take in the sights, 

and the new warmth that spring is bringing. 

Dance in the sunlight and run through the flowers, 

Sing me a song, 

and shout in the April showers. 

Spring has sprung and there is so much to see, 

So Mama take me outside, 

and let's just be. 

You can still join my

30 Days of Mom and Me Challenge

that began April 1. 

Get outside and get creative with your child each day and join the rest of us

by sharing your photos on Instagram and Facebook using #30daysofmomandme. 

Unless your profile is public, I can't see the shares so friend me on Instagram at Sasha_TMM.

We currently have nearly 20 mamas participating from what I am able to see under the hashtag. 

Thanks so much for joining us!

Happy Friday, Sasha

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