Mama Made Baby Food: Broccoli and Carrots

For some mamas, coming up with baby food recipes may be hard to do; and then on the other hand, there are mothers that whip up some crazy Martha Stewart style dinners for their baby. 

And then there is me. 

While I make up many of my own recipes, many of them are just things that simply go together and other things are just experiments. Nothing that I make is too hard or too fancy and many are inspired by other things that I see. The beauty of homemade baby food is that your baby really doesn't know what's good and what's not good. 

Broccoli and carrots are one of those yummy sides that most veggie loving adults enjoy to eat. Steamed broccoli and carrots are a tasty treat for mama and daddy and now they can be a wonderful treat for your baby. 

If you're looking for a new puree' to try, here is one that your little one will likely enjoy. Nothing makes a mama more happier than feeding her baby a wholesome lunch (even if mama barely has time to eat lunch for herself). 

There is no precise measurement to this recipe. Use about half carrots and half broccoli, or if you know that your little one prefers one more over the other, then use more of that specific veggie. I steamed this for 25 minutes in my Baby Brezza and then blended of course. If you're unsure of how long to steam this for, steam it for the amount of time that you'd usually do carrots since the carrots are tougher than the broccoli. 

It makes a beautiful puree!

Share some of your favorite baby food recipes below!

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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