My New Favorite Surface Cleaner

Do you ever go to Whole Foods and walk down the skin care aisle(s) and feel like you'll never really be able to read all of the fun labels on all of the healthy products that they sell? I for one, always feel like I've missed something in that section. It's always crowded and older women are always looking at makeup and what not, and I can never fully take my time to see what all is available. 

Well I was contacted awhile back by a brand that I immediately recognized from Whole Foods. Perhaps this was one brand where I did read some labels (in fact, I'm positive I did!). I'm frequently asked by my readers about which bath products are safe for babies and today I get to introduce a new brand to you that I am thrilled about! 

Desert Essence is a popular natural skin care line that carries USDA or NSF certified organic products, contains no toxins or harsh chemicals and is made out of minimal ingredients that are much safer than mainstream brands out there. 

Desert Essence Baby has some amazing products that I have been fortunate enough to try. First off, my favorite product is their Natural All Surface Cleaner that is perfect for cleaning baby toys, high chairs, tables, walkers and any and everything else. I have used this bad boy on my kitchen table, my counters and even to wipe off toys that the dog got a hold of. I LOVE this stuff. It is made out of six simple (natural) ingredients and my favorite thing about it is the scent of the tea tree oil. It's such a refreshing scent and tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, so it's just a win win combination.

Their skin care products are pediatrician tested and contain no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petroleum, artificial fragrances and more. They are simple and healthy! The body cleanser is sooooo sudsy, something that I look for in a baby wash. The lotion has a gentle but wonderful scent (so good that I use it too) and the massage oil is just a win win for me to. I always find these oils to really nip dry skin in the bud, so I love using them on myself and occasionally on baby.

When it came to their products, I have found nothing to complain about. I wouldn't mind perhaps the same scent in the cleanser as the lotion, but other than that, I highly recommend these products. The surface cleaner is hands down my favorite! You should never just use any cleaner to clean your child's toys or eating surfaces -- you just don't want to take that chance of toxins reaching your sweet baby! 

Make sure to check out Desert Essence Baby online // on Facebook // on Twitter // and Pinterest

I love that you can find these products at your local Whole Foods. Ready, set, go shopping!  

Are you a Whole Foods junkie? 
I just love that place!

Thanks for reading, Sasha
Disclaimer: I was sent these products at no cost, but all opinions and reviews are
honest and solely my own. 
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