Mama Made Baby Food: Baby's Favorite

Mamas, this is by far my favorite recipe. I almost don't want to share it since I consider it an "original," but I just love you too much to keep a good secret. Actually, a lot of my recipes are "original" in the sense that I don't find them in books but rather come up with them on my own. Chances are though, someone else has probably already done them (but we'll pretend that's not the case).

However, let's hope I'm the first to come up with this tasty recipe! My daughter will always eat Avocado and when it comes to fruits, pears and bananas are her favorite by far. One day I happened to have about 3/4 of a banana unpeeled and sitting there (I had given her some for finger food) and I had half an avocado in the fridge that needed to be used. So on a whim I decided to add one whole pear to it and call it a meal. 

And let me just tell you, this stuff is amazing!

Even on those days where my Little Bug is refusing to really eat, I can give her this and she'll eat every bite! I've also cooked it as one whole avocado, two miniature pears and almost a whole banana. Feel free to tweak it how you need. 

Oh and I should mention that it is super easy since the only chopping really required is with the pear. I did steam them altogether in my Baby Brezza for about 15 minutes before blending. 

It is the prettiest puree and it actually smells great! I love how pretty it is. Is that weird? 

Give it a try and let me know how it comes out for you!
What's your baby's favorite food?

Thanks for reading, Sasha
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