Mama Made Baby Food: Apple and Banana Twist

Isn't this a gorgeous puree? 

Adding some blueberries to the classic "Apples and Bananas" turned out to be a success in this household. The apples add a juicy touch of sweetness that helps not only with taste, but with consistency in this recipe. I have previously done a banana and blueberry recipe that baby loved, but with the odd texture from the bananas, I found that it didn't freeze and defrost well. Adding apples to the mix created a wonderful puree that baby and mama both loved. 

For this recipe, I used one whole banana, one whole red apple and a small container of blueberries. Peel your apple, peel your banana and then chop everything into 1/4 inch size pieces. If using a Baby Brezza baby food maker like me, I steamed and blended for 15 minutes. I suggest using the amount of time that you usually use for cooking apples. 

This is one of my favorite recipes that we've created so far! I love experimenting with fruits and veggies. Making baby food really is so much fun! 

Are you a blueberry kinda gal?
I've only liked them once -- in a fruit salad. 
Otherwise, I don't eat them but my husband loves them!

Toodles, Sasha
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