Easter Basket Ideas for Your Toddler

All I have to say is good thing I purchased a large Easter basket for my Little Bug, because I have a feeling that the Easter Bunny is going to be a little too good to her. The image above pretty much sums up what will be in my daughter's first Easter basket. Overboard much? Nah. It's all good. 

My daughter only has four bath toys, something that I think is pretty rare in the life of most toddlers. She had a few of the squirt ones from Babies R' Us, but after about eight months we threw them away since they hold water and there is a chance of mold growth. Even my baby daddy was on board with throwing them away as I think they sort of creeped him out too. So, I have found some wonderful bath toys that will not hold water and are also made of safe materials. 

Little Bug's favorite thing to play with is books. Books. Books. Books. Right now I purchase all of her books as board books so that way she can freely play and chew on them as well as turn the pages without any tearing. I always feel like you can't have enough books! 

I am also on a wooden toy binge. I love wooden toys and find them to be so classic and educational. I've been purchasing some here and there (small things) and she is getting a wooden xylophone in her Easter basket (a more baby version of the one pictured above). Voila Toys is a wonderful eco-friendly wooden toy company where the toys come from Thailand and NOT China. But really, everything comes from China (pretty hard to avoid that). I just love that the wooden toy companies are eco-friendly and much less toxic. Not to mention most of all, just classically adorable!

Finally, in place of Easter chocolate my daughter will get some new treats from our favorite organic baby company, Ella's Kitchen. So far we have loved Ella's puffits and baby cookies. We currently have some of the Nibbly Fingers but they are a tad too hard for my daughter, so I'm going to try some of the biscuits for Easter. I also thought this was too appropriate: Peter Rabbit Organics! I've seen this line of baby food at Wal-Mart (down the aisle with canned fruits and applesauce) and I've always thought the name of the company was just too cute. So since it is just SO fitting for Easter, I plan on getting a few pouches or snacks for her basket. 

Okay, so I guess mama has to stop here. Oh, and the swimsuit. I mean every kid needs summer goodies in their basket! 

I know Easter isn't about gifts, just like Christmas isn't. However as a first time mother, you can't help but get a tad bit excited about these sorts of things. But I always want to make sure that I instill the true meaning of the holiday in her, which is why I have searched for some religious Easter board books and found several adorable ones that we can read together each year. 

P.S. Amazon Prime is the shiz nit. Almost all of this is coming from there! 

Coming soon on the blog: Easter traditions, treats and more!
What is going to be in your child's Easter Basket?

Happy Monday! Sasha
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