This is Why I Blog

Yesterday I had one of those, "This is why I blog moments."

Last week I published my post on Johnson & Johnson's baby products and the post took off very quickly. By the time I went to bed on the day that I posted it, I had a huge smile on my face because I saw how well it was doing. 

You see I've been blogging for awhile now and I'm just now feeling that bit of peace about all of my work. I've been working on TMM  for a little over a year now and spent two years before over at another blog. My former blog never really left me any satisfaction because I never felt like it was doing anything great or inspiring any one person out there. It wasn't long into the creation of TMM that I realized I finally had a blog that was possibly going to do the things that I wanted. 

If you're a blogger you're probably aware that blogging is not really some sort of fancy career. Actually, for many it isn't even a career. If you're not a blogger, then you probably wonder why us bloggers spend so much time on this and what exactly we get in return. Well, blogging isn't some sort "job" that comes with a fat paycheck. While I do know some bloggers who can actually support their family or help support their family with the income they receive from their blog, the vast majority of us aren't really raking in fat checks. Some of us don't make any money and some of us may get one advertising check a year. I fall into the latter part of these groups. 

While I do receive lots of awesome freebies to review, I'm not over here receiving any type of reward for my work. I simply blog because I love to write and because I want to inspire and help others. I have a million ideas in my head and a million thoughts that I want to share on the subjects that I'm passionate about. Last night I found out that an awesome nurse friend of mine took my Johnson & Johnson's post up to the materials management of our local (and let me add huge) women's labor and delivery hospital. Can you believe that they have since started replacing the old Johnson & Johnson's products with the new and improved formulas (that are just coming out)? I can't believe it. I can't believe that my words were powerful enough to do that (assuming that they also did some other research and didn't just rely on me LOL). I can't believe that between me and her, we were able to convince a whole hospital to change their products for the safety of these little babies. Wow. Amazing. And kudos to her for being so proactive! 

THAT is why I blog. We didn't save a life, but we sure did help give these babies a healthier start at one. I blog for the emails and comments that I receive where women tell me that my posts are inspiring and empowering. I write for the people who thank me for writing these posts on motherhood that they can relate to, and I write for the women who email me asking about different products that they should or should not use in their home. I blog to inspire, to empower and to make every mama feel like a rock star.

These comments and things happening lately are far better than any paycheck or freebie I could receive. I can't begin to tell you how rewarding it is to hear and see these sorts of comments regarding my work. I can't begin to tell you how amazing it feels to know that my friend took my post and that between the two us, we had that whole hospital change their products. 

It feels pretty dang amazing. I wake up some days and stress over this little website of mine. I have days where I allow myself a break and then I feel guilty for not putting new stuff out there. I have days (many of them) where I stay up really late just to get work done. And I as I stated, I receive nothing in return for this. 

But your comments, the fact that you read this and the fact that my writing is (according to you guys) "inspiring," is all that I really need to keep going. It's the motivation that I need to keep sharing my thoughts, my research and experiences with all of you. 

My husband used to call this a hobby and would poke fun at me for rushing to get a new post up each day. Now, my husband pats me on the back and says "Good job babe, keep it up."

And I will keep it up. Hopefully, this is just the beginning. 

An absolute sincere "Thank YOU" to those of you who read and share my blog. 
Even if you just stop by every now and then, I truly appreciate you.
You guys all rock! 

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