Little Bug: 9 Months

Dear Little Bug, 

I can't believe I have a nine month old. Actually as I type this, I have an almost ten month old.
Who gave you permission to grow so fast, missy? You are just a ton of fun. You're about 
19 ponds of extra baggage clinging to my leg, but warming my heart in so many ways. 
I can never smell you enough, kiss you enough and hold you close enough to me. 
You're my greatest blessing. 

Weight: 18 lbs 13 oz
Length: 29 inches
Clothing Size: Mostly 9-12 Months

Loves: Books. Books. Books. All you love to play with lately is a ton of books and I notice a preference for old fashioned wooden things, which makes me happy! You also love going outside,
strolling around in your stroller, and looking out of the windows. You love Thomas the Train and Daniel Tiger's
Neighborhood and you also love playing with other babies. Who still love clinging to mommy and you love
when your daddy comes home from work. You still LOVE avocado and you love nursing for comfort. 

What You're Up to: Since I'm late on this post, it'll be kinda of a mesh. After you made 9 months you started
calling me Mama. Boy, is that not the sweetest thing that I've EVER heard. You also started walking a few
days after your 9 months -- so far you have done 11 steps unassisted! WOOHOO. 
You have also moved up to the big girl car seat. And you are always standing up by yourself now, giving kisses
and you can also clap your hands now!!! 

Words:  Mama, Hi and occasionally Dada. We also heard "Love You" once or twice, but it was just
pure luck. And you told it to Dada :)


Likes: You still like bath time and you love playing with daddy during that time. He likes to make 
a mess with the water and bubbles. You like playing with Hunter and watching him act crazy. You like eating food
that you can hold -- fruit pieces, puffs, etc... You still like getting into anything that you're not supposed to.
You like being tickled and you like screaming at the top of your lungs to get daddy's attention!
Oh and you like intentionally feeding the dog and letting him lick your lips for kisses (gross).

Dislikes: Sometimes you really just don't like sweet potatoes. Here lately you really don't want to eat a lot 
of your food. You don't like having your diaper changed (yet again) and you hate having your nose wiped
or suctioned. 

Food & Diapers: You eat three meals a day and nurse probably 4-5 times a day. Still on mommy's milk, still
on mostly homemade baby food and still in cloth diapers. Your meals are still small and are usually no more than one little container of food. You usually have some finger foods after though. :)

Crying: It's been much better lately. Woohoo!

Sleep: Up until a few days ago, we were doing awesome. You've been getting up on average no more than 1-2 times a night and you sleep altogether for about 12 hours. On average you nap anywhere from 3-4 hours a day. 

Outings/Experiences: Well we went through a couple of "snow days" with no real snow though. 
You did get some flurries in your hair! Mommy snuck a couple of pictures! You had your first trip to 
the Farmer's Market and loved it. You ate your first french fries and LOVED it and mommy and daddy took
you to Perkins Rowe one day and sat outside for dinner. It was so nice
You also took your first dance picture at mommy's dance studio and you got your first pair of Chucks.

We love you so much. It's amazing to see you grow so fast and it's amazing to see 
you discover new things. I could sit there all day and just watch you play.
There are no words to describe our love for you! It's absolutely infinite and it grows each day. 

Love, Mama and Dada

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