Where Have I Been?

Okay so I realize I have only been gone from my blog for like two days...but I'm back! Last week was mostly all scheduled posts since we were camping in Natchez, MS and I had no internet connection or laptop. Let's face it, sometimes you just need a break from all of the computers, networks and all of that. It's like a mini bloggy vacay.

Still though, I always think of you guys while I am gone and hate when I miss a few days here and there. Although to be honest I don't think you're sitting there wondering where I am. But hey a girl can pretend, right?

Tomorrow is the day where I feel like life goes back to normal. No more holidays, no more "no cooking," no more hubby off and no more Christmas movies. My husband has been off for about three weeks (it feels like an eternity) and I'm actually pretty sad to see him go back to work. We have had a ton of fun this holiday season! From camping to holiday parties and many breakfast dates to renting movies, we had a blast. I love our time together and with a baby that time is even more precious and enjoyable. I love just being with my little family! I love that man. And my daughter seriously has my heart in the palm of her hand. 

I can't wait to share some camping photos with you this coming week as well as many product reviews and more that I have coming! Tomorrow life starts back up! That means I have to get to cooking again; dance classes resume; husband goes to work; I start my NY goals; and more. I also will begin my training very soon for my breastfeeding counselor and childbirth educator certifications! YAY!

It's a new year and I'm super duper stoked (really who uses the word stoked?). And yes, I know the new year started like six days ago, but with vacations and all, it starts tomorrow for me! I know it sounds weird since I don't work, but when hubby is off I somehow feel like I am off. Does that even make sense? 

Of course, a mommy is never off!

Now how and the heck is a giant king cake going to help me with my New Year's goals?

I'm off to finish a king cake. 
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