Vegan Cuts Subscription Box Review

I was recently sent a cruelty free box from Vegan Cuts which is a subscription box service that can come to your doorstep monthly full of fun goodies! You can choose a monthly subscription box of the best vegan beauty products OR you can choose the best vegan snacks sent to your door. Food to my door? Heck yea! And of course you can be an over achiever Vegan lover and get both boxes sent to your door. Boom.

For $19.95 per month you can receive a box of 7-10 snacks/goodies of the best, tastiest vegan treats around OR you can receive 4-7 new products in the beauty box to give a try. Each box comes with a handy card with the items description and source so you can order more in case you absolutely love it. 

Let's just cut straight to the chase; this was one of the most fun items I've been sent to review and I'm very excited to share all of this goodness with you. I'm even sharing a bare minimal makeup photo of me in a nursing top and messy hair, yea it's that good of a post. 

LA Fresh Oil Free Facial Cleanser: This was a fun little treat for my face. I never use cloths on my face just because I hate the waste but it was nice to experience something different. These oil free, gentle wipes have aloe, cucumber, pineapple and jojoba and they are very refreshing. The cucumber is a great wake me up and to be honest, my face tingled a bit. I liked the feeling! Even though it says you don't have to rinse off, I did just out of habit. 

Soapbox Soaps: This stuff is super interesting! Has a scent that reminds me of walking into Whole Foods, but overall I actually like this stuff. The back of the packing is hilarious- Whistle while you wash... made me chuckle. 

Ferro Mineral Eyeshadow: Perhaps my favorite item! I applied it dry for a soft look, but it can be applied wet for a more dramatic look. I loved the color, the texture and the overall wear. I also love that it's a great amount they send for me to use many times. 

Lavishy Zipper Pouch: Faux leather pouch made from non toxic, biodegradable materials that is just too cute! A girl always needs more pouches (sounds like I'm a kangaroo or something, I know. Pouches?).

Jersey Shore Sun Lip Balm: This was probably my least favorite item because I don't like mint flavored stuff. However it was very smooth and silky to put on! 

Color Club Nail Polish: I love the gray shade! It goes on easy, dries fast and is super cute! I have to say that four bottles is quite a treat in a little box like this. 

Everyday Minerals: Another favorite of mine! The finishing powder was a great, light powder although I had it everywhere because it's so loose and light. The blush was a little darker than I'm used to, but I enjoyed using something new and I still have more of both products to use (the photos show how I sprinkled the powder into containers for easy application).

Overall, I LOVE this and would recommend it in a heartbeat. For $19.95 you get a lot of items to try and new brands to learn about. It's amazing everything that is out there that we don't know about simply because it isn't sold in the local shops we all go to (uh hem, Wal-Mart). Things like this are good for introducing us to new things and new products that can quickly replace our old, boring (unhealthy) ones. 

P.S. The photo of me above is a photo of me wearing only the makeup provided in my little box. And with a nursing top on and messy hair, you can tell I really was all dolled up, eh?

Want to get the January box? Head on over to Vegan Cuts and meet the amazing people and adorable couple who founded the company. Read all about them and their mission to bring you the best vegan items out there that are cruelty free! 

Make sure to head on over to Vegan Cuts!

Thanks for reading and thanks to Vegan Cuts for sending me
this amazing box!
Although I was sent this to review, all opinions are honest and solely my own. 

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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