Six Items I Wish I Had Registered For

  1. Natural Skin Care: Our registry was full of the typical Johnson and Johnson products and unfortunately I didn't find out about the issues regarding J&J's until after I had my baby. By that time I had a slew of those products, but luckily they were unopened and able to be returned. The same goes for disposable diapers and wipes (I wish I knew about the alternative, natural brands out there).
  2. Safe Teethers: My registry was full of plastic teethers that had all sorts of fun things that I didn't realize were very unsafe. Not only were they only BPA free (versus being phthalate, PVC and lead free too); they also contained pieces that could easily break off into the baby's mouth and become a hazard. You want to look for natural silicone or rubber teethers that are free of the chemicals listed above. Wooden teethers and organic cotton are great too!
  3. The Co Sleeper: I remember my husband showing me this when I was pregnant and to be honest, I don't even remember my thoughts on it at the time. I really wish I had gone this route and I am debating over it for the next one. We had the most adorable bassinet that I LOVED but by four months our baby was rolling over and it just wasn't safe anymore. We then switched her to a pack n play which is more similar to the co sleeper in terms of design and size. Then by six months she just didn't seem to be getting a good night of sleep so I had to move her to her room. I wasn't ready then and feel like with the co sleeper I could have had her close to me for longer. 
  4.  Bath Toys without squirts: At the time I didn't think about the fact that squirt bath toys just hold water and where there is water sitting there is likely mold growing. Luckily there are some alternatives out there and some genius companies who make toys without squirts for the bathtub.
  5. The Super Seat: Awhile back I did a post on the Super Seat versus the Bumbo seat. To sum it up, the Super Seat comes with more bells and whistles and can be transitioned into a booster seat therefore giving you a few years worth of use. The Bumbo is just for learning to sit upright and once the baby's legs are too fat, it is done (we were done by fourish months, LOL).
  6. Cloth Diapers: This obviously depends on the person, but I wish I had at least done my research prior to having a baby. Although I do believe that disposables are best for the first month or two when baby poops NON STOP. But I sure wish I knew about cloth diapers beforehand. 
Some of these items are obviously just me being "me" and preferring the natural side of things. However I will say that it is great to do some research on the items you use on your baby. Natural skin care items are available at local stores and just because they aren't the brands we are used to seeing doesn't mean they are not what's best. The same rule applies to diapers, wipes and teethers. 

What are some items you wish you had registered for?
Thanks for reading, Sasha
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