Oh My DeVita Baby Bath Wash Review {Cutest Stuff Ever!}

So let me introduce to you what may possibly be the cutest and most adorable packaging on a baby bath product that you've ever seen...

dun dun dun...

I was sent these bath washes to review from a skin care line that is just now coming out with their own baby line. You may have heard of DeVita Natural Skin Care before, they are the leading natural, vegan and paraben free skin care line out there. This company that was founded by a mom just like us, is thrilled to announce their baby skin care line Oh My DeVita Baby.

Obviously we all need to strive to use chemical free and natural skin care, but if I had my choice over who I want to make sure receives that skin care more, it is always going to be my daughter. Babies have such delicate skin; as well as a whole new beginning in life. Why start that life off full of chemicals? 

I received two products: The Bubbly Babies Shampoo and Body Wash in fragrance free and The Bubbly Babies Shampoo and Body Wash in Calming Calendula. Now don't be worried, all of their products are free of additives and fragrances so you can bet your bottom dollar that this fragrance is naturally derived.

Here's my thoughts:
  • Cutest packaging I have EVER seen!
  • Affordable price that is equivalent to most other natural (and even some non natural) retailers out there
  • Very light weight body wash that rinses off easily
  • Could use a tad more bubbles, but that's just me
  • Has the least amount of ingredients that I've seen on back of a bottle in awhile and I LOVE that
  • Takes the time to be creative in their labeling and directions which to me says a lot about a baby company
  •  Calming Calendula has a wonderful scent and is pretty dang calming (at least for mama)
  • Was founded by a mama like us who strives to protect all little babies -- why wouldn't you want to use their products?
  • As far as I can tell, my baby was squeaky clean after taking her bath with this
I suppose what I love the most about these products is that not only are they light weight and silky smooth (if that makes any sense) but it's that they have such a minimal amount of ingredients on the back. In comparison to others that I have sampled and the ones that I swear by, they have the least amount of ingredients and that makes me a happy mommy!

If you want to know more about Oh My DeVita Baby skin care, you can find their products at Drugstore.com and at select Target stores as of January 19. Congrats to them on their launch into Target! Here are some more of their awesome baby goodness, 

Bubbly Babies Shampoo & Body Wash, $9.95: A 2-in-1 moisturizing body wash and shampoo that is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and fragrance free with a gentle, tear-free formulation. The wash features an organic aloe vera base with supportive vitamins and natural nourishers, available in both fragrance-free and calming calendula-scented varieties.
Powder Puff Baby Powder, $9.95: This talc-free baby powder is enhanced with probiotics and made with GMO-free organic cornstarch and zinc oxide to absorb moisture and protect babies’ sensitive skin. It has a silky smooth texture that gives a natural, stay fresh feel all day long.
Butter Cheeks Baby Balm, $11.95: A balm that helps to protect and soothe baby’s bums and sensitive areas of the skin by creating a barrier with a vegan probiotic blend. The balm is packaged in a roll-up, easy glide applicator to help relieve skin irritations quickly and effectively.
Hey Sunshine Solar Protection, $12.95: This new non-toxic mineral sunscreen with UVA/UVB broad spectrum SPF 25 helps to safely and effectively protect babies’ skin from harmful UV rays. Made with an organic aloe vera base, shea butter and green tea nourishers, this sunscreen is nano-free and offers nearly transparent micronized zinc oxide protection.
Flutterby Baby Brulee Lotion, $11.95: Organic aloe vera and shea butter pair up to make the perfect daily, all over lotion to naturally relieve dry skin. This fragrance-free, non-greasy lotion is perfect for baby back rubs.

I'd recommend these products in a heartbeat. They are vegan, natural and paraben free. They take the time to let you know what's in their products and they obviously strive to use as little ingredients as possible. Make sure to get your hands on some Oh My Baby DeVita products soon! I love knowing that when you purchase products like this, you are supporting a mother's dream to provide babies with healthy skin care. You're supporting a company with an important goal and that takes the time to help take care of others through their research and more. 

Can these products be any cuter? Check them out online

If you're interested in learning more about the products for yourself, check out http://devitaskincare.com/store/ and http://devitastyle.com/home/. I'm exciting about looking into their makeup! 

Make sure to check out this amazing, honest company!

Happy Wednesday and special thanks to DeVita skin care for sending me such wonderful products
and for introducing me to a new wonderful line of skin care for my baby. 

While I was sent these to review, all opinions are solely my own and are honest. 
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