My Top 13 of 2013

I just want to say thank you to my readers, Pinterest followers and past sponsors for making these posts so popular. These are most of my highest viewed posts from 2013 and I wanted to put the links here in case anyone missed it! And yes, I am well aware that this would have been a great post for the end of 2013.

But ya know, sometimes you don't think of good things until much later...

much, much later...

  1. Cloth Diapers 101: A Post for the VERY Beginner
  2. 10 Hilarious Truths to Being Pregnant
  3. 10 Funny Truths to Life as Nursing Mom
  4. My Natural Birth Story {Part 2}
  5. A Letter to Your Pregnant Self
  6. Baby's First Christmas Craft
  7. Being a SAHM is a Choice, Not Always Luck
  8. The Battle of the Breast and the Pump
  9. 10 Tips for Breastfeeding from a Breastfeeding Mama
  10. My Husband Probably Thinks I'm Crazy
  11. The Crappy Truth About Cloth Diapers
  12. Our Birth Story Part I
  13. The Chemicals in Diapers

Another favorite from 2013...

Thanks so much for reading, Sasha
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