Mommy Has a Green Side Linkup: Organic Stocking Stuffer

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I never had a chance to share one of Santa's stocking stuffers with you guys and it's a really cool stocking stuffer (if I might add). I really want Little Bug to have a lovie that she can somewhat be attached too (I had a blanket) and I found this adorable Apple Park lovie made out of 100% organic cotton and natural corn fiber (and according to packaging it is handmade). 

I've been a fan of Apple Park for awhile and was dying to get my hands on something. This organic lovie is just too cute for words. There are so many organic blankies and lovies out there, but this one had all of the adorable colors and patterns that I felt would make my baby happy.

A little secret is that our baby girl is majorly afraid of the "cow" sound when my husband makes animal noises. It's the cutest, funniest and saddest thing you'll ever see when he does it. Her lip trembles and pokes out and then ear piercing screaming and crying will start. Every time we tested the "cow theory" she still was afraid. We did it recently though and she laughed, soooooo, maybe she has outgrown it.

Anywho this explains why I picked out the cow. It's kind of a funny little thing to see her playing with the cow after we know she doesn't like it (oh my gosh, I know that's so mean). Another plus is that the head of the cow is a rattle for extra fun for baby and the knots at the end of the corners are perfect for teething.

Overall she seems to LOVE it but I hope she loves it even more. I know I can't pick what my child's favorite toy will be, but yes I am hoping if I push this one enough it will be. The bonus: It is machine washable. Every toy should be machine washable!

I'm so glad Santa went a little green this year. He's a smart man!

Was Santa a little green at your house this year?
Thanks for reading, Sasha

There are so many adorable pieces to the collection of organic farm buddies.
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