Mama-made Baby Food: The Green Machine

This was a last minute idea to take an uneaten half of an avocado and some pears and mix them together to create a treat that my little bug loved! Pears and avocado are two of her favorite things so for her this was a delightful dinner. 

For this recipe I used one half of an avocado broken off into chunks and two whole pears cut into little diced cubes. I steamed them in my Baby Brezza for about 15 minutes and then blended to create what has been the most visually appealing puree. This puree was so smooth and pretty it looked like it came straight from a jar (Mama: 1 Gerber: 0).

Mama made baby food is so much fun to do and so easy to make! Two simple ingredients can give my baby some yummy nutrition and it hardly cost me anything to make. I got about 6-7 meals off of this recipe which tremendously cuts my cost of baby food. Take that Wal-Mart.

Some fun avocado facts:

  • Nutrients from avocados can contribute to strong teeth and bones
  • Helps with circulatory and heart function, maintains normal BP, regulates heart rate
  • Full of Vitamins C and B6 to help with immunity 
  • Contributes to healthy muscular and nerve development
  • Contributes to skin health and is an easily digestive food
  • It's Nature's SUPERFOOD

Are you an avocado person?
Hubby and I are NOT. Baby IS. 

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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