Loving Mint from Carter's

Today was a fun morning with an impromptu trip to eat brunch with my baby and my mama and then a trip to a few stores. I've been in search for some new pjs and pants for Little Bug since she is quickly out growing the ones she has (most are 6/9mths) so I needed to look for some 9/12 month sizes. Well as always, Carter's gets me every time with their ridiculously cheap prices and with the coupons that they mail to me. 

I purchased everything above (minus the shoes) plus one clearance hoodie and one clearance pair of pjs for $60. That's not too shabby there... 

At least for $60 I got several outfits rather than just get two outfits (or really one and a half) from shopping at baby boutiques. I just can't get myself to walk into a baby boutique and spend $20 on just some cute pajamas. I also picked up another pair of pajamas from Old Navy for like $8. Yes, wasn't I looking for pajamas? 

It's amazing how selfless you are as a mother. I could have spent my "weekly cash" on myself, but instead I spent it on my daughter (like usual) and don't mind one bit! Oh and on a side note, the pjs I purchased her are also mint green. I'm apparently digging the color for this spring season. All of these items are new arrivals at Carter's and there is SO much more that I want! 

Okay, so maybe mommy needs some mint green clothes now...

Hubs????? Are you reading? 

Where do you shop for baby clothes?

Have a minty Monday, Sasha

This post was not endorsed by Carter's. I just like the place. 

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