Foto Friday: Snow Day Louisiana Style

So if you're a wise one you probably looked at these photos and thought, "hmmm that doesn't really look like snow." 

You see here in the deep south we don't really get snow. We get a "wintry mix of sleet and snow" if we are lucky. Well this winter has proven to be one of the coldest and craziest ones we've seen in awhile. Schools were closed three days in a row (two days they could have really gone to school) and they were also closed one day last week. We keep getting told that "snow" is coming and then at the last minute Mother Nature dumps snow in every town but ours. 

So we Cajuns make the best of what we got (how is that for proper grammar?) and we build snowmen out of sleet and ice and we cancel school for "snow day" when it's really just an "icy, cold day." 

I really, really want snow. In 2008 we did have a REAL snow storm and we are all desperately hoping for another. Either way, it was nice to stay inside snuggled up for three days watching the weather do crazy things. I was able to sneak a couple of pictures in and if you notice in the top one, there are some flurries in my hair (like three damn flurries but whatever).

Isn't that the cutest little snow Minnie you've ever seen? 

P.S. I'm really not a fan of "character clothes" but this one is adorable! 

Do you live in a place where it snows?
Are the "polar vortexes and arctic blasts" affecting you?

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Thanks for reading, Sasha
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