Mom's Green Christmas Wishlist

baby's bamboo utensils // recyclable canvas tote // organic soap // eco friendly mascara made just from clay and iron oxides // natural sponges free of dyes, bleaches and chemicals // bamboo coasters // eco friendly blush // ecco bella perfume 

*This is not a sponsored post*

Perhaps I should have made this wish list earlier so that way hubby could have some ideas of items to get me! Today I am shopping online (pretend shopping) over at Cheryl's Nook. Here are some of the fabulous items that I'd love to find under the tree or in my stocking.

Dear Hubby, 
    Since you likely can't get these items in on time, feel free to go to other places like Whole Foods and pick out goodies for me. Seriously dude...anything from that store will float my boat. 

     Your Fabulous Wife 

What are some random items on your Christmas wish list?
Thanks for reading, Sasha
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