Little Bug: Seven Months

Dear Little Bug, 
Well here we are seven months down the road. Your little personality is sill as ever and 
you're on the go constantly. You're growing up SO fast and it's crazy to think that it won't be long
before you're one year old. I love being home with you all day and even though sometimes I'm 
exhausted from your night time shenanigans, this is the best job ever and you are by far
the most amazing, tiniest little bundle of fun I've ever met. 
You melt my heart more and more each day. 

Weight: 17.3lbs
Length: 27 inches
Clothing Size: 6-9 Months

Loves: Traveling! All you do is crawl around the house now. Mommy is always chasing you because you're
constantly exploring and going to things and places that you shouldn't. You LOVE playing with everything
that belongs to the dog. You love to bug him while he is in his bed. You also love to pull up now and just stand 
there. You still love Mommy and cling to her like crazy and your face lights up when daddy gets home. You also love to climb and crawl under things like the kitchen table and your jumper. And you love trying to grab 
the remote controls, cell phones and all those nasty things that mama doesn't let you play with. 

What You're Up to: You're crawling super fast now, pulling up like a pro and even trying to stand on your own. 
You've got two bottom teeth and I believe you're saying "Ma." You're also constantly screaming as loud as possible and then laughing because you think it is so funny. It is pretty dang funny and cute!

Likes: Standing up and looking at yourself in the oven, taking a bath, toys that sing and dance, 
reading your books, playing with Hunter, and getting into things that you're not suppose to. You also like
playing with Ellie and Charlie and you get ridiculously excited when you see them. 

Dislikes:  Diaper changes, loud people and when unfamiliar faces hold you. Sometimes you're not even 
a fan of familiar faces holding you. You also don't handle teething well and you are afraid of the "moo" sound. 

Food & Diapers: On average you eat 2-3 meals a day. So far we've done pears, bananas, apples, peaches, 
green beans, squash, carrots and avocado. You still nurse about every 3 hours and you still rarely do bottles. 
You are in cloth diapers 95% of the time and if you're in disposables you're in Honest Co. (size 3) ones. 

Crying:'re quite the cry baby around people you don't know. Thanksgiving didn't go to smoothly. 
You don't like when mommy is around and others are holding you. You have moments where you just don't do well
at other's houses and what not. Other times you're fine! 

Sleep: Well it is very hit and miss. The last few months have been rough. The last two weeks have been better. 
You still wake to eat 2-3 times a night but you sleep until about 9:30 most mornings now so that's good.
You moved into your crib about four weeks ago and although it was hard for mommy, it seems to be a little better. 

Outings/Experiences: You had your first Thanksgiving and you wasn't really a fan. You had several Christmas shopping trips with mama and you loved it. You do really good shopping! You sat on Santa's lap and wasn't a fan at all and you're currently enjoying your first Christmas in tons of cute Christmas clothes each day. 
You love looking at the tree and the dancing snowmen in front of it. 

Here is to hoping that Christmas will go a little better than Turkey Day did. 
Mama and daddy can't wait for you to see all of your goodies and for Santa to pass. 
You're the most amazing little blessing and we love you more than you can ever know or understand. 
You're mama's best gal and the apple of dada's eye. 

Love, Mama