Green Linkup: Recycling My Plastics

Awhile back I shared with you that I was looking to start recycling. Right now I am currently just recycling plastic (and saving some cardboard boxes) and getting the hang of this recycling thing. I wanted to start off small and easy so that way I wouldn't overwhelm myself.

This is my setup. Lovely right? Simple? You betcha.

Recycling really is pretty dang simple. You just have to remember to save the items. Just think of all the good you're doing by simply assorting your "trash" and hauling it off to a recycling facility nearby (ours is very close). I'm not going to become crazy with it (you know like take my trash from places just to recycle it at home. Do people do that?) I'm just going to recycle what I can at home and feel good about helping out this planet a little. 

I just purchased a tall trash can with a lid and have been filling it up since. It didn't take long to fill up and it's actually overflowing. Today I plan on bringing it to the recycling place and I hope to soon buy a few more trash cans for different items.

I'm thinking cardboard and aluminum are next? What do you think?

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Happy Green Tuesday, Sasha
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