Green Linkup: Our Laundry Detergent(s)

Right now I have three laundry detergents in my house - ridiculous much? They are all of course on the natural side of the "detergent spectrum" and I love all three of them, but seriously dude I need to get rid of some. 

The biggest thing about switching to natural detergents is that I chose to go fragrance free and this definitely takes some getting used to when your clothes usually smelled like a spring meadow or some weird majestic rain smell. What the heck does rain smell like anyway? 

I originally purchased the BabyGanics brand for my Little Bug before she was born and I have used that on all of her laundry since day one. Not long after having our Little Bug I switched hubby and I's detergent over to The Honest Company after reading so many great things about them. I love their detergent but was hesitant to switch my baby's over at such a young age since she was used to BG. 

And finally, we have Charlie's Soap in our house for diaper laundry. Now according to the companies I could actually use BabyGanics and The Honest Company on her diapers, but I rather not test the waters with such an expensive load of laundry. So I stick to Charlie's for diapers and occasionally I wash other stuff with it since it is for ALL laundry. 

Yes, I know it's a bit ridiculous that I have three different detergents. I'm switching to just Honest and Charlie's now so we can narrow down to just two. If you haven't tried Charlie's Soap, then I definitely recommend it for diaper laundry and/or any and all laundry. It's a nifty little product and so is there Oxygen Bleach that is an all natural bleach alternative. 

What detergent do you use in your house?

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