A Belated Six Months Post

I can't believe I waited so long to do my Little Bug's six month post. 
She will be seven months in six days (LOL) so I will just make this post 
short as to not confuse myself with the current things going on in her little, awesome life. 
These photos were taken at six months, I've just been lazy and haven't done the post. 

Weight: 16.3 lbs
Length: 26 inches
Clothing Size: Mostly 6 Months, some 6-9 and a few 3-6

Loves: Mommy, Daddy, toys you can put in your mouth, trying to scoot around everywhere. 
What You're Up to: Sitting up, "army" crawling, eating solids like a big girl
Food & Diapers: Still on mommy's milk but we have added lunch and dinner in right around the six month mark. 
Your first food was butternut squash and you loved it! And you're still in cloth diapers full time. 
Crying: You still have mommy anxiety when some people hold you.

Schedule: At six months it's still about every three hours that you nurse and we have added 
solids for lunch and dinner. You nap about three times a day -- you're very predictable for the most part. 
You like to eat, play for two(ish) hours and then nap! 
Sleep: Not so great! Lots of waking...
Outings/Experiences: You had your first overnight stay (with mom of course in Natchez, MS. 
You went shopping all day with mommy, Gigi and mommy's aunts. You did amazing! 
You also had your first horse carriage ride, your first time in a bar (LOL) and your first time to sleep 
all night with mommy in a bed. You had your first Halloween and unfortunately it rained and we were unable to 
actually take you trick or treating but you were the cutest little ladybug! 
We took our family pictures for your six months and you were a doll. 
Gigi and Pop and mama took you out to eat and you had your first REALLY bad experience thanks to 
teething. You were not so great that day and we ate really quick to hurry and head home. 

Mommy and Daddy love you more than you can ever, ever know. 
Every day you just get more beautiful and more special. 
You're mommy's whole heart and the light of daddy's eyes. 
It's crazy that you're already to the half way mark of a year old. 
Let's not grow toooooo fast. 

Mommy and Daddy