Foto Friday {Our First Girl's Trip}

We had such a great weekend last weekend in Natchez, MS for our girl's trip. 
I went with my mom, my aunts (her sisters) and my Little Bug. She was SUCH a good girl.
You have no idea how nervous I was about her and I was even prepared to make the trip
back home if she wasn't going to do good. She did great! She loved the shopping and sightseeing.
I have soooooooooooooo many pictures, but I don't feel like doing a photo overload -- so here
are some really great shots for you to see from last weekend! I LOVE fall and I LOVE my family!

Our trip included her first: Long Car Ride // Sophie the Giraffe // Umbrella Stroller // 
Hotel Stay // Carriage Ride // Major Public Breastfeeding (pahaha) // 
Mini Pumpkin Patch // Major Shopping Day // Time to sit at a Bar (okay a restaurant/bar)
We're breaking her in early...pahahaha.

Happy Foto Friday!
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Toodles, Sasha

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