Wishing I Could Read

Okay so obviously I know how to read. Don't let the title fool ya. I just wish I actually had time to read ALL of these books that I have recently or previously purchased. I remember thinking at one point, "I'll have plenty of time to read while being a SAHM." Or how about when I said "I'll reread the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy when I'm at home." Yes my friend, that was highly ambitious goals. 

As a new mom I find it super duper hard to read. Possibly because on my "free" time (you know, when baby isn't stuck to me) I'm either cleaning, cooking, blogging or rarely relaxing. I always feel like I have to be "working" and unfortunately reading just isn't making the cut. 

Nevertheless, here are the books that I am reading in spurts or as needed...



The Baby Sleep Book by Dr. Sears: Dr. Sears is an attachment parenting guru and while I'm not necessarily doing "attachment parenting" at least not intentionally, I like some of his philosophies. I haven't really read anything from this book yet though. Bummer. He has several others that one day I'd like to read. Pahaha. Funny right? 

The No Cry Sleep Solution: Okay so I ordered both of these baby sleep books when I thought my baby had a sleep problem. Turned out to just be reflux that was resulting in the random night time screaming. However she still isn't a perfect sleeper - some nights are perfect others not as much. These books aren't as important to me right now but I still want to read them. No Cry SS has been very interesting so far! 

The Best Food for Your Baby and Toddler: I really want to start skimming this because I plan on beginning our baby food journey next week. However, I just keep Googling crap to answer my questions rather than reading the book. Darn you Google. You get me every time. 

Healthy Child Healthy World: Okay so I posted about reading this book a LONG time ago. I am about more than halfway through and may I just say that every parent should read this. It really makes you think about our world we live in and how simple steps can make it so much better for our children.

What to Expect the First Year: Thank freaking goodness that this is a read as needed book. I can't handle another big book staring me down. With that being said though, I can't promise that I've read each month since I purchased it. Oh boy. 

Okay, so don't think that I am relying on these books to raise my baby. Obviously I'm not since I haven't really touched them. But it is nice to read things to compare how you do things as a mom versus what the book says. I much prefer reading these than having people tell me what I should or shouldn't do. Books don't have that sarcastic "my way is better" voice. 

Hmmm, baby is napping and my blog post is up. 
Perhaps I shall read. 
Oh wait, I'm not even dressed yet. I guess I'll take care of that first. 

Do you find time to read? When is the best time?
Happy Saturday loves, Sasha

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