What's Your Baby's Bedtime?

Okay so from the beginning I had this awesome little sleeper who either fell asleep nursing or would fall asleep on her own in her bassinet. This little awesome sleeper of mine was at one point just waking once to eat and then BAM. That all changed. 

While I'm still not finished my sleep training books, I am working on some of the things I read (like not rocking to sleep) but right now our biggest battle is establishing a good bedtime and sticking to it. 

From the beginning she has always gone to bed closer to 9:00 (ashamed to say even 9:30) and slept fine. Now after reading some from my books I've learned that babies are wired to be ready for bed as early as 6:30-7ish and that the earlier they go to bed the sounder and sometimes longer they will sleep (crazy huh?). In a way this theory definitely makes sense because she always has a definite "fussy" period anywhere between 6:30-7:30 and in some cases goes into a sound nap around 6:30 (which may be hurting us). I hate the thought of putting her to sleep so early -- BUT I want some good sleep. 

The way it is working out right now is that little miss thang doesn't sleep hard until about 2am and wakes a few times before that ready to play. I hear Little Bug over there in her bed saying "dada" and kicking her feet and laughing. I mean really child, didn't you get the memo? It's sleep time and dada sure as heck ain't waking up to play! 

So what time do you start baby's bedtime routine and
what time do you normally put baby to bed?

zzzzzz, Sasha

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