Mother Nature Got a Hold On Me and Made Me Do It

As a mommy who is exclusively breastfeeding her baby, I get to join the crowd of breastfeeding mamas that don't have a menstrual cycle. Yep that's right ladies -while breastfeeding the body does not produce a cycle. 

Usually anyway. 

Almost five months into this and about fourteen months since I've had a visit from Mother Nature and the hussy comes back to visit me. I mean really...why couldn't she just stay away the whole time I was breastfeeding?!? I was looking forward to another year of peace.

Can you imagine the PMS you'd have after not having a period for a year? Well my PMS made me do something bad! I hope you don't judge me, but it is pretty dang funny. You may think I'm a bad person but I promise I've never done this! Okay are you ready?!?!

I cursed at a sales associate at a local Kmart --- eeeekkk. Let me back up here. It's no secret that our Kmart sucks. There's never a checkout aisle open yet there is always 30 people waiting to checkout and the associates are anything but friendly. After waiting for about 10 minutes at another register that failed, I had to go to customer service. The lady was so rude and unprofessional. Joking with other patrons, not asking me any questions and sticking her lip out at me the whole time. I guess she didn't like that I was making her work. 

I never give my phone number to any store who asks me, so when she did I said "no thank you." Her reply was, "I ain't even playing with this girl right huurrrreee." What ticked me off the most was that in my money was a dollar for the St. Jude donation but she never asked me (she clicked straight out of the option on the little donation thingy). Once I saw her go to click "no thanks" I said, "there was a dollar in there for St. Jude" and her reply was, "well it looks like you'll be getting a dollar back." THAT ticked. me. off. 

She handed me my receipt without a word, I backed up a little to start walking away and loudly said (with a big ole smile), "Thank you, great customer service! I LOVE shopping at Kmart. ______ idiots." 

OMG - I can't believe I said that (and no my baby wasn't with me). I was kinda walking away as I said that last part so maybe she didn't hear me. I got in my car and just sat there laughing because never in my life have I done that. 

Okay, I know I can't really blame Mother Nature. And I know what I did wasn't right or very Christian like but I am so sick of having bad customer service. I understand some people don't like their jobs; I've been there before. I was a bank teller and hated my job yet I worked my tushy off and was the best darn bank teller I could be. Not one customer would have known I was unhappy because I was always friendly and no matter how unfriendly they were to me, I still put forth my best foot. She should have too since I was never rude to her. 

So don't judge me. We all have our moments. At least I'm not afraid to share it and make you giggle at the the thought of little ole me doing that. Little did she know, "I wasn't even playing with that girrrlllll either."    ;)

Okay, so what have you done while PMSing?

Not cursing anyone out today, Sasha