Mommy Has a Green Side Linkup {Ditching the Plastic}

In my quest to go more green and live a healthier lifestyle, I have made the switch to glass storage containers rather than plastic tupperware. I still have some tupperware hidden back there for when I give away food or store something that does not need to be reheated, but for the most part we just use glass now.

I truly love using glass containers and wish I was using them from the beginning. Plastic containers are filled with nasty chemicals and shouldn't be reheated no matter what the box that they come in tells you. With my hubby always bringing leftovers to work, these glass containers are the perfect solution for us {he thinks I'm crazy on this one}. Not to mention that they look so cute in the fridge and they don't get all of those nasty stains and scratches like tupperware. I hated those scratches and I especially hated how red sauces stained the plastic. Yay for no longer having that problem!

My collection is mostly made up of Pyrex and Anchor brand containers available at Wal-Mart and Target (among many other places). Pampered Chef also carries some cute containers as well. 

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to share something you've done to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Happy Green Tuesday, Sasha
P.S. I have a sick congested baby, BUT I have a baby saying "dadadadada"
YAY for big girl's first word! 

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