Happy Halloween and a Cute Ladybug

I can't believe today is my baby's first Halloween. How exciting!
We're hoping that the rain holds off so we can have a fun Trick Or Treatin' day.
Supposedly there is some bad weather coming in and some LA towns went ahead and did
Halloween last night. I sure hope we can stroll this gorgeous Little Ladybug around.
Seriously how cute is she? Melts my heart. 

And for some of my favorite Halloweenie Pins...

 I wish I could claim at least one of these but unfortunately I can't. 
If you want to see how to do these and see the real "creators" make
sure to visit my Pinterest where I have pinned these to Fall. 
Maybe next year I'll be creative and do some of these fun things!
I'd like to order those strawberries ASAP. 
Whose gonna deliver them? 

Happy Halloween!
Stay safe and don't talk to strangers. 
{except for when you ask for their candy}

Boo, Sasha

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