Foto Friday: Trendsetter

Playtime with the happiest little baby and dress up fun 
with the trendiest little gal I know. 

I didn't take many pictures this week but seriously, how cute is this outfit WE 
put together. I say we like she really day! 

I have awesome news -- a newly written version of my natural birth story
is featured today on an amazing and empowering blog, Mama Birth. 
Please visit this wonderful site and check out my post. 
Also make sure to click around and read more good stuff! 
Mama Birth

Okay so speaking of empowering, I received the absolute sweetest email in
the whole world today and it was all about this little blog of mine. 
A reader called my blog empowering and inspiring. 
Whoa. Those are two strong words. 
Hearing my blog described that way is such an amazing feeling. 
That is why I blog. To inspire others. I just had no idea it was really working. 
I put a lot of time and effort into this little space of mine and I have many goals for it. 
But to hear that I've already conquered one goal, a main goal, is such a wonderful feeling. 
Even if I've just inspired that one person, it surely is amazing. SO amazing that I teared up. 
That email has truly made my day and I'm just trying to figure out how to respond. 

Thank you all for reading. You have no idea how much I mean that. 
I appreciate your emails, comments and visits more than you know. 

Happy Friday everyone! Giveaways are coming soon!
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Much love, Sasha

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