Today We're...

  • Washing our first stash of cloth diapers. I went to the mall to get just a few more "samples" but I was so convinced that I wanted to do this, that I made a large purchase. I'll be back in a few days to get the rest after I see what I like and don't like. But more on that later. 
  • Had no clue our mall had a natural parenting store -- I'm addicted already
  • Watching the Saints game with a baby dressed in her Saints gear and skinny jeans
  • Speaking of Saints, a couple purchased that Saints cloth diaper for us because he wanted me to cloth so bad. So sweet! I can't believe a stranger did this (and it's organic/handmade=$30)
  • Wishing I could come across someone right now to return the good deed - maybe this week?
  • About to dig into a pizza that hubby picked up for us 
  • Mad that my Pinterest hover button disappeared off of my blog and now I can't seem to fix it. Anyone can help?
  • Excited about a guest post I have coming up on a fabulous blog
  • So thankful to Jess @ Sparkles and Crafts for helping me so much with cloth diapering
  • Ready to eat Sunday dinner at my parents - boiled shrimp! (YUM)
  • Thinking that I have seriously the most gorgeous daughter ever (okay, all moms are biased)
  • But no really, she's so dang pretty
  • And I'm hoping you entered my awesome giveaway
  • Excited about an awesome giveaway I have planned for next week - stay tuned
Happy Sunday Funday!
What's your plans?

xoxo, Sasha