My Husband Probably Thinks I'm Crazy

My husband has always described me as weird. Weird because of the way I eat and weird for this and that. I've come to the conclusion though that not only does he appreciate my weirdness, but I somewhat think I've rubbed off on him. 

Never in a million years did I expect my husband to be on board with half of the crazy shenanigans that I'm trying to pull over on him now. All of this natural parenting stuff that I just so happen to be doing because I just simply want to, hasn't actually made him crazy yet (surprisingly).  

When I first started talking about having a natural birth with no epidural he literally thought I was crazy and for the most part didn't seem to want to talk about it. A couple of times he even said "why don't you just get the epidural" which always left me frustrated that he didn't understand. I was so worried that during the labor he wouldn't be supportive and that he'd be a crappy coach. Well I don't know what the heck happened, but home boy turned out to be the best dang coach ever who didn't want me to get any drugs.

Then there is breastfeeding. He wanted me to breastfeed but just until about six weeks; that was what he felt like was a good stopping period if for some reason I chose to stop. Now here we are with an almost five month old who is exclusively breastfed and he completely supports it. He supported me when I had to cook us meals with no dairy and he hugged me tight when I cried about whether or not I could even handle a dairy free diet. Husband. Of. The. Year.

While I was pregnant I did my research and decided that I wanted to make my own baby food. He wanted no part in that and seemed to really think I was crazy. This idea of mine was perhaps the one he seemed to dislike the most. Perhaps it was because he thought I wouldn't be able to give the nutrition to our daughter that she needed or perhaps it was just a matter of the fact that who really makes their own baby food? Here we are four months later and while our pediatrician starts discussing food, he is asking what kind of things we should add to the food. Whoa, since when did baby daddy get on board with this plan?

Then there are those things like the fact that she still sleeps in our room or the fact that we bring her everywhere and have only left her with one person really. He seems to be on board with it all and I'm so grateful. And finally, there is my new shenanigan: cloth diapers. Hubby wanted no part of it in the beginning, but here we are in our first full day of cloth and he seems to have accepted the idea. 

I'm very blessed to have such an awesome hubby who really appreciates my weirdness (or perhaps he is just as crazy as I am). Sure he cracks jokes about what "non toxic cleaner he can clean the floors with" or he calls me a milk factory because I nurse all day. He even laughs at the "eco-friendly" toys I order sometimes for Little Bug but he also encourages my idea to recycle. Either way though, I know he appreciates my weirdness somewhere down in there. Our child is healthy, chubby from my milk and sleeping safely in our room. I may be a little crazy, but today I'm just crazy about him. 

So thank you hubby for going along with my shenanigans. I love you endlessly. 

he is quite a catch

Has your husband ever laughed at some of your weird
habits or parenting tactics?

Thanks for reading, Sasha