Mommy Has a Green Side Linkup: Redneckognize It

Recently I went on a major "spring  fall cleaning" quest around my house and was determined to get my bedspread clean. Little Bug always plays on it quite a bit (and drools and spits up on it) and since it's large I hadn't washed it in awhile because I didn't want to burn up my dryer trying to dry such a large, thick quilt. I was going to bring it to the cleaners (it seriously never dawned on my that I could until someone mentioned it) but then I got to thinking about all of those pesky chemicals they use. Little Bug is on it all the time rolling around with me and there is NO telling what sort of chemicals that they use not to mention the power and electricity it takes just to dry such a large item. 

So I decided to be much more GREEN about it. I washed it here at my house with our Honest.comdetergent that I absolutely love from their line of Cleaning Products. Then I went outside determined to dry it in the scorching hot sunlight but I had a little problem. 

Problem: No clothes line. 

As Honey Boo Boo would say (I hate to quote her but oh well) "you better redneckognize it." Us hillbillies can make do with anything. Okay let's clarify, I don't claim to be a Hillybilly and don't want to be one, but a country girl got to do what a country girl got to do. 

Luckily it dried within hours thanks to this southern heat. And how is your Fall weather starting off?

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Happy Green Tuesday, Sasha

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