Mommy Has a Green Side: The Linkup

So today is the kickoff for Mommy Has a Green Side and I'm beyond excited about it. I had so many things that I wanted to show, but today I'm showing what I feel is possibly the biggest thing that I have done that can make a positive impact on our environment and it was such a simple, little task. 

While recently grocery shopping at Whole Foods, I purchased four of these reusable totes for just a couple of dollars. I'm sure most of us Americans all have that one plastic shopping bag filled with many, many more plastic shopping bags in our home and I was ready to change that. I hate that bag of bags! It takes up room and sometimes the stash gets so big that I end up throwing some away. Every time I did that I knew I was doing a bad thing - that little voice was always saying "you need to recycle this."

Well BON VOYAGE annoying plastic bags. I now have these beauties and I'm not ashamed of them. I have already used them at a few different grocery stores and not only is it so much more eco-friendly, but you can pack these suckers down with lots of stuff and reduce the amount of bags you have. I no longer have to haul in twenty five bags that are about to break; I just have three or four sturdy bags to last! And look how cute they are! 

I love this change that I've made and I hope when other people see me and realize what I'm doing, that it may inspire them to do the same. It's a simple change with a big impact. For me the hardest thing is just to simply remember to grab them out of my car when I run into the store. I also think the cashier's love them because they can just pile them up and not have to do the famous lick-a-dirty checkout-finger for the plastic bag that is stuck to the other plastic bag task. 

Yay for going green!

Some of my favorite organic purchases. Hoping to start using our local Farmer's Market soon.
Support your local farmers!

Okay bloggers, you know what to do!
Just linkup and share the little or BIG thing that you 
have recently done that makes your life a little more green.
Steal one of my images below and share them on your blog and spread the word.
It can be any eco-friendly change or just a healthy change in your home.
We're starting a GREEN revolution!

xoxo, Sasha