Be Yourself

I was looking for a good pin to share today. I wanted something that I felt fits how I feel about where I am in life. This was a good one. I know I'm sometimes an odd ball and do some weird things...but I'm happy, my baby is happy and my hubby is happy. I may do things that other mommies don't do or I may seem like a hippie according to my brother (LOL), but I don't really care -- I'm content with how I am. I'm me and I really think I was always this weird; having a baby has just brought out my weirdness even more. But my weirdness is all for the better. I love this new, greener journey I am on and I'm proud to share it with my family and my readers. Most of all, I'm happy to be the mommy that I am to my baby. We all are just striving to be a super mommy, we just all have different ways. Being a mommy makes me feel beautiful. 

Happy Saturday, Sasha

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