What We Loved During 0-3 Months

1. Snug a Bunny Bouncer -- Please see my full review here. It's the perfect nap place, TV chair and more for a new little bundle. 

2. Angelcare Monitor -- Please see my full review here. I couldn't sleep without this thing. In the hospital I didn't sleep a wink because I wanted to keep checking on my baby girl, but once we got home and I could use this I finally got some sleep. 

3. JJ Cole Pacifier Pod -- I have two pacifier pods but this one gets the most use. I leave this one strapped to her car seat on the side, so I always have noopies available (and sometimes pull one out quick on the road for her when she's crying). The other one I have stays strapped to our diaper bag with spares. 

4. Swaddleme Swaddlers -- Little Bug is still sleeping in that swaddler! She started off in an organic one by the same company and we used the heck out of it so I invested in another one. I'd definitely recommend just getting the three pack. They also come in larger sizes for when your baby starts getting bigger. I love this thing and so does LB. She stays snug as a bug!

5. Soothie Pacifiers by Avent -- We didn't start the pacifier until she was almost two weeks and although I'm not sure if this nipple is for the breastfed baby, we never experienced nipple confusion. I particularly love that you can see them suck on it through the inside (it's so dang cute). 

6. Crib Mobile -- The pictured mobile is not the one we have, but I didn't have one in the beginning and quickly saw the need for it. Although baby girl doesn't sleep in her crib, I lay her in there everyday for her to get used to her room. I quickly saw the need for a mobile to entertain her and she LOVES it. She'll let me know when it stops and now since she naps in her crib it helps her fall asleep. 

7. Receiving Blankets -- My mom thought I had too many in the beginning (12) but I use them all a lot. I'd say you need at least 8 of them. I use them in her car seat when we go places and it's too chilly or too public (I rather cover her up some). She also uses them at home in her bouncer and for nap time. 

8. Portable Swing -- Read my full review here. I love having this because it stays in our bedroom for her when we go in there for me to get dressed. In our living room we have a large swing and sometimes I can get a two hour nap from her in there. The portable one is great for small homes and easy travel. 

9. Infant Bathtub -- Please read my full review here. I LOVE this tub. It's so fun and easy to use and I especially love the sprinkler that comes with it. 

10. Comfort and Harmony Nursing Pillow -- I saw this pillow (and it was cheaper than Boppy) so I registered for it. In addition it also has a vibrator insert that can vibrate for baby when they are lounging on it. This is by far the most used item I have since my Bug is EBF. I have an additional slip cover and to be honest sometimes I wish I had another. I love this pillow so much! She loves to lounge on it and talk to me and she knows that it also signals "dinner" time. 

In addition to all of this, you really just need a bassinet (if you choose), a ton of diapers and wipes, a few skin care products, onesies and socks. It sounds like a lot, but considering all of the baby stuff out there -- this is just the basics that you need. Oh, and a changing station! No one likes poop on the sofa. 

All items and images via Babies R Us

What was your favorite baby item in 
the beginning?

xoxo, Sasha