Little Bug: Three Months Already

Dear Little Bit, 
In this last month so much has happened. From mommy having to 
change her diet to fit your needs and then crying about the fear of 
having to stop nursing you to the moment where mommy wanted to cry little happy tears 
 because you reached for your elephant stuffty and put it in your mouth.

 You're growing up so fast and you're so dang sweet. I kiss on you ALL day. 
I love the way you look at us and the way you seem to admire me and want to just stare at me. 
I can tell you absolutely adore me and need me and it's the best feeling ever.
And every time you look at daddy you laugh and smile and it melts my heart!
I can tell you'll be a daddy's girl and I can't wait to see all of that! 
You're our whole world! 

Weight: 12lbs 8oz. 
Length: 24.5 inches! 
Clothing Size: 0-3 Months but mostly 3 Months
Diaper Size: 1 going on size 2 this week

Loves: Smiling! You're so smiley these days and it melts our heart. 
You love looking at daddy and smiling for no reason -- he thinks it's because you 
think he looks funny. Maybe it's the ears? (Which we think you may have his ears!)
You still love cuddling on mommy and you still love looking at your birds and your mobile. 
You also have a bright burp cloth that you have fallen in love with and the colors make you laugh.
And you love to take your nap with your noopie in your mouth and your hands over your eyes
almost like you're saying, "ugh I'm so exhausted." You also still love your elephant picture
that hangs over your changing table. You love to kick your legs in excitement over it.
Oh and I can't forget your thumb --- you love it! 

What You're Up to: You're just growing up way too fast. In one evening you learned
that you could scream and squeal (cutest thing ever), you learned to grab your feet
and by the next day you were grabbing different toys and putting them in your mouth.
You're also starting to become entertained by certain things on TV.
And you love to talk and squeal! 

Likes: You seem to like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS; you still like your 
noopie for naps;  you like a new baby doll that Gigi bought you; and you seem to 
like sitting in your Bumbo seat. You also like to get my attention when you're 
sitting in your bouncer and I'm doing housework or computer work. 
You'll squeal and "talk" to me to get me to go over there just so you can smile at me. 
Gets me every time!

Dislikes:  We're thinking that you dislike being really hot. I think you like being outside, 
but if you're hot and sticky you don't seem to be too happy about it. 
Guess you got that from mommy :)

Food & Diapers: This is an interesting topic! You're still on mommy's milk but apparently
there is something in mommy's milk causing you to have some food allergy reactions. 
Your diapers haven't been the best the past month just because we're trying to figure out
the item that you're possibly allergic to. Mommy has cut dairy and soy out of her diet
and is also about to see about peanuts. Your diapers are much better lately - thank goodness!
You're in The Honest Co. diapers and we're moving you up to a number 2 and you nurse 
about 95% of the time since it's just us all day. 

Crying: Other than some evenings crying outside at places away from home, 
you never really cry at home. You do have a sleepy cry and that's when I know it is nap time!
You also have your fussy cry where you just want my attention or want to be held. 
So of course, mommy gives in! We've done a good bit of baby wearing lately in the house
just so you can tag along while mommy does stuff. 

Schedule: You eat anywhere from 2.5-3 hours although lately I think you're going more 
for the 3 hours (yay!). You usually want a nap anywhere from 1.5-2 hours after you 
have eaten. You nap in your play pen usually but today you're napping in your crib!

Sleep: You're doing so great! You go to sleep between 8:30 and 9:30 and you
do anywhere from 5-6 hours stretches and you have occasionally done 7-8 hours!
We wake up on average 1-2 times a night and sometimes we sleep in until 9! 
Woohoo! So happy you love to sleep!

Postpartum: Thanks to cutting dairy, mommy is back to her pre-pregnancy weight (a little less actually)
and can fit old clothes again! But mommy sure could go for some ice cream and milk right now!

Outings/Experiences: You attended your first wedding and it was in New Orleans in City Park. 
You did SO good. You were great the whole ride down there and then during the outside ceremony
you became a little fussy so Pop and Daddy walked you around the park. You did great at the 
reception! You also went to the dance studio for the first time! Daddy kept you for the longest
yet, almost five hours, and you were great for him! We've taken you to all sorts of restaurants 
lately and you were wonderful! And you went shopping with Mommy a few times and 
mommy and Gigi and did great! It was your first "public stroller" experience. 
I can tell you're gonna be a shopper! ;)

You're the most amazing little thing ever. Gosh, I love you. 

Love, Mommy