Foto Friday {Make Sure to Linkup}

I kicked off the week with a trip to Whole Foods where I purchased
much more than what's in the photo. The above photo represents all of
my dairy free options and may I just say that the coconut milk ice cream is actually yummy!
I did all of my shopping there (except for meats) and was very happy with my items.
I'm quickly becoming a Whole Foods addict.

It's been a great week of watching my Little Bug explore new things!
She had her first experience in the jumper and she seems to love it.
Seeing her turn things and reach for things makes my heart smile; I can't believe how fast
she is growing. It really is crazy that they grow so fast. She is now in #2 diapers.

For those of you that don't know, I'm a HUGE Elvis Presley fan. I have a rather large collection.
Today marks the 36th anniversary of his death, so of course I have her dressed to represent.
We even played some Elvis music and I had her dancing in her bouncer chair -- I think she loves him!

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Happy Friday, Sasha